Kylar Loya is an illustrator and production artist, specializing in conceptual development for film, stages, and live events. 

His client work includes projects for Apple Music, Dolby, Sony, Amazon Studios, Nike, Rick Owens, and Nickelodeon.


Kylar has over 5 years of studio experience in design and creative development for stage and event production. 

Working closely with production teams in a variety of media, Kylar has envisioned initial concepts for music videos, short films, runway shows, festivals and live events.


Kylar is proficient in the adobe suite and Final Cut Pro 

He also pulls from a variety of physical media, including oil painting, drafting, and airbrush


After studying at Laguna College of Art & Design and Art Center in Pasadena, Kylar graduated from Tufts University with a BFA in animation. 

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